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Detail: Steven MeiselCover of Vogue Italia, July 2012


Detail: Steven Meisel
Cover of Vogue Italia, July 2012

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Crystal RennPhoto Sebastian KimVogue Germany, Oct 2011Fashion Editor Katie Mossman
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Model: Tanya Titova Photography by: Ekaterina Belinskaya


Model: Tanya Titova
Photography by: Ekaterina Belinskaya

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Nika Danielska


Nika Danielska

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Lloyd Bacon, “Footlight Parade” 1933 by Gatochy on Flickr.
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INCREDIBLE: Hyperrealistic Fashion Portaits, Oil on Canvas by Anna Halldin Maule

on Facebook, Artsy

To the naked eye, Hawaii-based artist Anna Halldin Maule’s amazing hyperrealistic oil paintings can pass off as photographs. With their incredible detail and soft, pastel shades, her portraits of beautiful women are the very picture of femininity

at Scott Richards Contemporary Art

Watch the video:

Her Secret Weapon from Anna Halldin-Maule on Vimeo.

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Photographer: Kindra Nikole PhotographyModel: CASSTRONAUT
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Photographer: Beth MitchellDesigner: BegittaHair/Makeup: Kylie’s ProfessionalModel: Brooke Jamieson


Photographer: Beth Mitchell
Designer: Begitta
Hair/Makeup: Kylie’s Professional
Model: Brooke Jamieson

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Photographer: Nati KerenStylist/Makeup/Model: Kristina Deetox


Photographer: Nati Keren
Stylist/Makeup/Model: Kristina Deetox

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Thom Browne 2014-2015

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